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Bigelow Laboratory | Scientists have found the first evidence of giant viruses in the ocean crust that appear to be infecting fungi, highlighting the role of viruses in biogeochemical cycling in the subsurface.

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MIT News | A team of cognitive scientists and doctors finds that patients with aphasia use different cognitive tools to compensate for language deficits.


National Drought Mitigation Center | In November, NDMC co-hosted workshops designed to start a conversation about the unique challenges of agriculture in Alaska and coping strategies for drought.


MIT News | Life sciences class brings biotech industry experience into the classroom with part-time internships for graduate students.


National Drought Mitigation Center | Summer 2022 was one for the books with heat and rainfall records toppling around the U.S.


Science @ MIT | Giselle Valdes, biology doctoral student and MIT summer research program alumna, studies the cellular basis of regeneration

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