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The Boston Globe | Gold mining in California is often romanticized as a brief and technologically simple story. But it left a devastating environmental legacy that the state is still trying to clean up.


Undark | The state’s wolf population is determined by political volleying, with each side of the debate seeking easy answers.


Earther | Almost 175 years after the Gold Rush began, Californians are left holding the bag for thousands of abandoned mines.


Earth Island Journal | Kabir Peay uses genetic sequencing tools to map the ‘grossly understudied’ world of fungal interactions.


Grist | New Orleans is in the midst of a green infrastructure revolution, and in smaller neighborhoods, residents are leading the way, block by block.


Inside Climate News | A new study on flood-borne illnesses shows the growing health risks and disproportionate burdens of climate change.

Other Stories

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Climate Change Poses a Huge Threat to Railroads. Environmental Engineers Have Ideas for How to Combat That for Inside Climate News


California's new law preventing cruelty to farm animals triggers protests from U.S. meat producers for Inside Climate News


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Hydrogen concentrations soared during the 20th Century; Industrial leakage may be to blame on Scope


Resilient engineering in a post-Harvey Houston: The SSPEED Annual Conference for Carolina Angles


Equity and adaptation in a changing climate: The UNC Climate Change Resilience Symposium for Carolina Angles


DCRP students work on interdisciplinary research at the nexus of climate change and health for Carolina Angles


That’s not how climate works! Extreme weather and climate misinformation for Carolina Angles


Climate change is reshaping U.S. national parks for Carolina Angles

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